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IPL Photo Facials

IPL Photo Facial Do you wish you could tell the younger-you to wear more sunscreen, wear a hat, or just stay out of the sun? Although we can’t go back in time, with IPL photo facials, brown spots, redness, and more can be significantly minimized, revealing younger, less damaged skin!

What are dermal fillers?

Many people worry about the fine lines, facial creases and thin lips. But what are your options? Are they safe? How often will I have to repeat treatment? How much does it cost?

These are just some of the questions men and women have about dermal filler injectables–and it’s all good news!

Here’s what plasticsurgery.org had to say about the effectiveness and safety of dermal fillers.

Serious Skin Care

Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery--Skin Care Specials--Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe MesaIf you are ever up late flipping through channels, chances are that you’ve seen more than a few infomercials for “life changing” skin care products. You know the ones – they usually include a celebrity endorsing the product, enthusiastically touting the “miraculous” results.

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