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Benefits of Regular Facials

If you’ve ever received a facial, you know how heavenly they can feel on the skin. The deep cleansing, the exfoliation, the blissful hydration– who wouldn’t want to experience that? In addition to feeling good, regular facials can also provide long-term skincare benefits for those with various skin types like normal, dry, oily or problematic skin. Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery has performed many facials and we want patients to understand why consistent facials should be made a priority in their skincare regimen.

The Right Tools & Products Mean Everything

Buttock Augmentation: The Next BIG Thing?

Thanks to “bootylicious” celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, buttock augmentations have become the next big thing in plastic surgery. Don’t believe us? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, approximately 11,000 patients in the U.S. underwent a buttock augmentation in 2013 compared to the 8,500 who did in 2012. Although breast augmentations reign as the “queen bee” of  plastic surgery procedures each year, the 16 percent increase in butt augmentations undoubtedly show our nation’s desire to keep up with the Kardashians!

Eyelash Products: Do They Really Work?

Having long, luscious eyelashes is a major trend in this day and age, so patients need to be aware not all last growth products to achieve this look are created equal! Moreover, patients need to be aware these products can impose serious side effects if they’re not monitored closely by a trained professional. The team at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery is sharing the 4-1-1 on these products and whether or not they really work!

What Is The Difference Between A Medical Aesthetician And A Spa Aesthetician?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a facial at the spa and at a plastic surgeon’s office is? They both provide skin-healthy benefits, but is there a benefit to having one performed over the other?

These are great questions, and in a nutshell, medical and spa aestheticians are both skincare specialists that provide unique perspectives on skincare. Both professions do have subtle differences, however,  in technique, education and pay. Below are a few reasons medical aestheticians differ from spa aestheticians.


Differences In Silicone And Saline Implants

The team at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery understands confusion can arise while researching information on breast augmentation surgery. You may be questioning what surgeon to go to, how much the surgery will cost, what to expect and this frequently asked question: what the difference between silicone and saline implants is? Plastic surgeons Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa are going to address the last-mentioned question so you can get a better understanding of what breast implant may or may not suit your lifestyle best.

Do I Really Need To Wash My Face Every Night?

Admit it, you’ve come home from work or a late night out with the girls and have not washed your face. You probably thought it was no big deal, right? Well, the team at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery is here to tell you it is a big deal. Washing your face every night is absolutely essential for radiant skin, especially if you like to wear makeup or are outside a lot.

Plastic Surgery: Is It Really Plastic?

The title of this blog may seem silly, but it’s actually a question that is asked more often then you think. What many people may not realize is the term “plastic” surgery is not derived from using plastic to restore or enhance a person’s facial or bodily form. The “plastic” in plastic surgery really comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means to “mold or shape.”

What Types Of Foods/Nutrition Should You Eat For Radiant Skin?

The phrase “beauty is only skin deep” refers to a person’s character being more important than how he or she looks. The team at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery couldn’t agree more—but if you’re looking to refine your outer self so that it matches your inner, beautiful self, then we’re here for that too! Regardless, we’re sharing the kinds of foods you should be eating if you want to have beautiful, radiant skin that is literally “skin deep.”


Best Sports Bras After An Augmentation

There are a lot of changes that can occur after having a breast augmentation—not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Therefore it’s important you get yourself in the right mindset and prepare for some of these changes. Wearing good supportive bras on a daily basis is important, but what many women may not realize is that good support in your sports bras is just as important.

Distinctions of Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery

We know we’re stating the obvious here, but choosing the right plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery needs is incredibly important. The board-certified plastic surgeons of Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa, understand this concept which is why they put a heavy emphasis on getting to know the patient as well as his or her surgical objectives, motivations, expectations and needs.


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