While many women aspire to have larger breasts, some desire to have their breast size reduced. Women with large breasts may experience some uncomfortable symptoms.

A breast reduction, also referred to as a reduction mammaplasty, can completely change your life if you have large breasts. By reducing the size and improving the shape of your breasts, you can relieve pain and enjoy a more active, comfortable lifestyle. Here are some signs that a breast reduction might be right for you.

1. Extreme back pain

Extra chest weight pulls the shoulders forward, pinching the back’s nerves and producing discomfort. In addition, some women experience nerve injury, shoulder pain, arm numbness, and headaches as a result of large breasts. Although a bra can help alleviate some of these symptoms, it’s only temporary and specialized bras are often quite expensive.

2. Difficulty breathing, particularly while exercising

Breathing may be difficult due to the weight of large breasts, especially for back sleepers. Additionally, it becomes more challenging for women with large breasts to exercise and maintain a healthy weight. Exercises like running, aerobics, yoga, swimming, and team sports are often extra difficult for women with very large breasts and they may avoid them altogether. While sports bras are made to support the breasts during these kinds of intense activities, it can be difficult to find the correct sizes or even bras that offer enough support.

3. Shoulder grooving

Because of the tension of their bra straps, women with large breasts may eventually develop permanent grooves in their shoulders. Other women discover that their breasts force them to slump and make it difficult for them to maintain proper posture.

4. Clothing troubles

Women with large breasts can have difficulty finding properly-fitting clothing, especially when it comes to clothing like swimwear or blouses. Many women also experience discomfort while wearing apparel that draws attention to their breasts and may worry about receiving unwanted attention. This can take a large emotional toll on women with large breasts.

5. Skin rash

When skin folds and rubs against itself, it can cause constant irritation and (especially where sweat and moisture collect) even infection. It’s a common occurrence for women with large breasts to experience rash or skin tags in the breast folds, causing discomfort.

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