According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), which recently released their annual report of the most popular cosmetic procedures, in 2017 the top spot was taken again by breast augmentation. With over 300,000 procedures performed, breast augmentation rose 3 percent from 2016.Breast augmentation can improve your cleavage and figure | Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation has consistently been the number one plastic surgery procedure performed in America. Many women want to achieve a more shapely and feminine shape, and breast augmentation can accomplish that with a very high satisfaction rate.

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Advantages of Breast Augmentation

If your breasts are smaller than you would like, or if they have sagged or deflated, breast augmentation may be a great option for you. Innovations in implant placement and type mean that results are more natural than ever, and we can achieve a range of shapes and sizes to look great with any body type.

You may be a good candidate for breast augmentation if:

  • You are dissatisfied with the current appearance of your breasts
  • You want to enlarge your breast size and/or improve the shape of your breasts
  • You want a more voluptuous or feminine figure
  • You do not smoke and are in overall good health

Breast augmentation can help women feel more confident in their body and raise self esteem. In addition, it can help you fill out bikini tops and lingerie, and help you feel sexier in the bedroom.

Full Body Makeover

Numbers 3 and 5 on the ASPS list, respectively, went to liposuction and tummy tuck. Many women are interested in combining body contouring procedures with breast augmentation in order to achieve a more comprehensive new look. Combination procedures are especially popular after pregnancy and childbirth, which can alter your body in ways that only surgery can fix.

Liposuction can help to reduce small areas of unwanted fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise, while tummy tuck is a more extensive procedure that can repair loose abdominal muscles and tighten sagging skin in addition to reducing excess fat.

Other procedures that are often combined with breast augmentation include:

If your breasts have significant sagging, a breast augmentation alone may not give you the results you want. A breast lift combined with breast augmentation can both enlarge and lift the breasts, as well as improving their shape.

A thigh lift can deal with loose, sagging skin on the thighs, while vaginal rejuvenation is a popular option for women who experience incontinence issues after childbirth or who would like to reduce the size of their labia.

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At Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery, we utilize the most advanced technologies and techniques to ensure that your procedure is safe, with amazing results. Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir take pride in their high patient satisfaction rates, and enjoy seeing the satisfaction and happiness that their work brings.

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A breast cancer diagnosis is overwhelming in so many ways. There are a lot of emotions. Dr. Ali Mosharrafa and his entire staff put me at ease at every step. After surgery, I was very self conscious, and the way I was treated with each visit helped me as much as the excellent medical care. Whether it is for an elective procedure or a surgery due to illness, I cannot endorse Dr. Ali more as a physician and human. 

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