A common question from women thinking about undergoing breast augmentation is how long the recovery takes. This is understandable, since most women have jobs and a social life that they want to get back to as soon as possible, and that they’ll have to plan their surgery around.How long does it take to recover after breast implants?

Each individual will heal at a different pace, but there are some general guidelines available that can help you with planning approximately how much time you’ll need to take off of work and what you can expect in terms of pain, discomfort, and bed rest.

Plan To Take A Week Off Work

In general, most patients can return to work after about a week. Keep in mind that this timeframe can be longer or shorter depending on how well your healing is progressing, though. December is often a great time to have breast augmentation done, since most offices give time off for the holidays and it’s expected that many employees will take supplemental PTO as well.

During this first week, you can expect to:

  • Not be able to do much the first day
  • Require assistance with everyday tasks for the first few days
  • Experience some pain and discomfort that can be managed with the prescribed painkillers
  • Not do any strenuous activity

The first week is generally the toughest, but most women find that taking their painkillers regularly and not trying to do too much (leave the housecleaning and childcare to others) helps to make it very tolerable.

Wait About 6 Weeks To Resume Strenuous Activity

If you’re on a strict weightlifting and cardio regimen, you’ll have to put it on hold for a while. Our doctors usually recommend that you wait for up to six weeks to resume any strenuous activity. Many women can perform light exercise and cardio earlier, but you’ll have to wait to resume any lifting or jogging. You should take particular care to avoid exercise that can strain the chest muscles, such as bench press or treadmill.

We understand that it can be hard to stop exercising for such a long time. However, it’s essential to make sure that your healing progresses well. Walking is encouraged starting a day or two after your surgery, and light exercise can often be resumed within a few weeks, as long as you avoid straining your chest.

Final Results May Take 3 to 6 Months

You’ll notice a change in your breasts immediately after surgery. However, the final results may take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to become fully apparent. Swelling can cause significant fluctuations in breast size, and it takes time for the implants to “drop” into place and for your breasts to feel softer.

The vast majority of our patients end up very happy with their final results. Breast augmentation can be extremely rewarding, and allow you to achieve a proportional, attractive figure. Most women find that the recovery period is easier than they expected, and their new figure is well worth it.

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