Breast Augmentation after Pregnancy - Phoenix One of the lifestyle factors you must consider when deciding whether to undergo breast augmentation involves future pregnancy plans. While a future pregnancy will not rule you out as a breast augmentation candidate, you should strongly consider waiting to have the procedure performed until you are done having children.

Pregnancy often results in changes to the size and shape of your breasts, caused by an expansion of your breast tissue. The more natural breast tissue you have, the more likely you are to experience significant fluctuations in the size of your breasts. Ultimately, this can adversely impact your breast augmentation results and create the need for a revision procedure much sooner than would typically be necessary. In many instances, you may also need a breast lift to reverse the sagging caused by pregnancy.

One other factor to consider when deciding whether to undergo breast augmentation prior to having children involves the ability to breastfeed. Most women are able to breastfeed after undergoing breast augmentation, but there is a small risk that your procedure may impact this ability. This risk can be caused by:

  • Trauma to the milk ducts during surgery
  • Increased pressure to the milk duct pathway due to the presence of breast implants

In the event that you are able to breastfeed, you will not have to worry about safety. Clinical studies have demonstrated that neither silicone implants nor saline implants pose a risk to the infant during breastfeeding. Additionally, studies have found that infants who breastfeed from mothers with implants gain weight at a comparably healthy rate as infants whose mothers have not undergone breast augmentation.

If you are considering having children in the future, you should discuss these plans with Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir during your breast augmentation consultation. Our Phoenix plastic surgeons will explain the pros and cons of moving forward with the procedure prior to having children so that you can make a fully informed decision about the timing of your surgery.

If you are considering breast augmentation, please contact Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery using the form on this page or call 602-513-8133 today to schedule your consultation. We serve patients in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona.

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