Breast Augmentation and Lift

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Why might I need both an augmentation and a lift?

The shape of the breasts is determined by their volume as well as the skin envelope that contains that volume. If there is a mismatch between the breast volume and the amount of skin, then the shape of the breast is compromised. This also can lead to the nipple being in the wrong position on the breast.

Breast augmentation with implants changes only the volume of the breasts, without addressing the excess skin or changing the nipple position. Breast lift (mastopexy) on the other hand changes the skin envelope and can reposition the nipple, but does not change the volume to a significant degree. Therefore, if your breasts lack volume and have too much skin or the nipple is not properly positioned, then a breast augmentation and lift is required to give you the best result.

Can I have a lift and implants at the same operation?

Yes. If you are a candidate for both a breast augmentation to increase your breast volume and a lift to improve the shape of your breasts, these can be done in one operation.

What if I don’t want to change my cup size, but want more fullness in the upper part of my breasts?

This is a very common request, particularly in women who have had children or have lost weight. The combination of a lift with a small implant is a very effective way to achieve this goal. In some cases, we may even reduce the natural volume of the breast slightly with the lift and add a modest implant to get the desired shape without making the breasts larger.

Are the implant choices the same if I am having a lift with my augmentation?

Yes. The choice of implants is the same for women having a breast augmentation with a lift as it is for women having breast augmentation alone.

What if my breasts are not the same size/shape before surgery?

This is easily corrected with a breast augmentation and lift. Since we are adjusting both the size and shape of the breasts, asymmetry can be greatly improved with this operation.

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