Facial Implants

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Nearby Areas of Arizona

What types of facial implants are commonly used?

Commonly used facial implants include chin implants and lip implants, as well as mandibular implants and cheek implants. The use of facial implants can provide a lasting improvement to your facial contours.

Who needs a chin implant?

Interestingly, many patients who are candidates for chin augmentation with an implant present initially for rhinoplasty. There is an aesthetic balance between the chin and the nose, particularly on profile view. Adding projection to a recessed chin can beautifully complement reshaping of the nose in both men and women. In other cases, the underprojection of the chin is an isolated finding, and chin augmentation alone, without nasal surgery is indicated.

What are the advantages of lip implants over fillers or fat?

Solid silicone implants have become a popular procedure for adding volume to the lips and softening lines around the mouth. The advantage they have over fat grafting is that the procedure can be done easily and comfortably in the office in about 15 minutes under local anesthesia, with little or no down time. Also, these implants can be easily removed or exchanged if desired. Unlike fillers, lip implants provide a long-lasting change with a single procedure. 

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