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I’m Dr. Ali Mosharrafa. Often during a facelift consultation I’m asked, “What is the difference between a facelift surgical procedure, and the non-surgical options to rejuvenate the face?” Well, let me start by describing the facelift operation. My facelift does three things. First, it brings the cheek tissues back up over the cheek bone. Secondly, it redefines your jawline. In fact, the direction of pull of your facelift is along the line of your jaw bone. Thirdly, it tightens the neck. So essentially, the facelift improves from the cheek bone to the base of the neck by doing those three things. Now, facelift does not improve the area of the upper and lower lip, the lines that exist between the corner of the nose and the corner of the mouth, the eyes or the brow area, or forehead. So, just to reiterate, the facelift does three things: elevates the cheek tissues, redefines the jawline, and tightens the neck, nothing more. Let’s talk about non-surgical facial procedures. Well, there’s a whole category of procedures which involve fillers. Fillers are biological substances that are injected into the face to try to soften lines. Some of the more common areas are that line we talked about between the corner of the nose and mouth, enhancing the lip area, eliminating deep lines above and below the upper and lower lips, and then we have the whole business of botox which involves softening the lines, like the crows feet, the frown lines, and forehead lines. Now, let’s also talk about non-surgical procedures that soften the complexion or improve your complexion by improving the tone and texture of your skin. Now, we have procedures like laser procedures, light, or IPL procedures, and microdermabrasion and facials to try to improve the texture and tone to your skin. In summary, facelift surgery makes surgical changes to advanced signs of aging involving the cheeks, jawline, and neckline. Non-surgical fillers, botox, and light treatments all improve the tone, texture, fill lines, and wrinkles as an alternative therapy. If you have questions about a facelift surgery or any of the non-surgical procedures we discussed, please feel free to call us at 602-513-8133 of visit our website at

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