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Well, I think one, you know, I’m in a business that is appearance-driven. I produce beauty pageants for a living. So, if I am the face of my business, it is up to me to keep my face and my skin looking youthful and healthy, first and foremost. And, the things that I choose to do through this office are what keep my skin looking its best, and what keep my appearance looking its best. I mean, I’m 46 years old, so you’ve gotta keep up with it. I was expecting that the quality of the skin that I had in my youth, and as I started to age, I just wanted to keep the best quality of skin that I can. I wanted the fine lines to fade. I wanted the frown lines to go away, and that’s what I expected, and that’s what I’ve achieved. I met with Michelle, and I was impressed with her knowledge and I was impressed with the fact that she didn’t want to do anything too drastic. And, we started the Obagi program. We started the skin care program, and then we started, you know, inside of that skin care program, we started with a serires of microdermabrasions. And, the hyperpigmentation started to go away, the fine lines started to disappear, and the frown lines that wouldn’t disappear were taken care of with Botox. Well, my concerns about Botox were, A: that it was, you know — there are a lot of rumors about Botox, about what it will do and what it won’t do, so I was mostly concerned with, “Is it something that was going to have long term ill effects? Was it something that was going to, eventually, I could get sick from it?” You know, that type of thing. And, Dr. Mosharrafa was great. He sat down with me and he explained what the myths were, and what the facts were, and how Botox works. And, at that point I was comfortable, and we proceeded. I think I’ve been using, receiving Botox treatments for three years maybe, maybe longer than that, I’m not sure now. And the Restalyne came about with the appearance of fine lines and deeper lines that A: Botox couldnt handle or wasn’t appropriate for, and B: that the skin care, you know, that the skin care wasn’t working either. You know, in here they’re called nasolabial folds. I’ve done Restalyne there. And, also those really little fine lines around your lips that come with age. Sun abuse, I was never a smoker so it wasn’t anything about that, but it can be caused by smoking. And so, the Restalyne just came in and filled out got, rid of the lines, and just gave my overall appearance a little bit of a finer, finer look. You know, he’s a very nice man. He’s funny, he has a sense of humor, you know. He is very calm. Doesn’t seem to ruffle easily. You know, all of those sort of attributes that you want in a physician. Oh no, Botox is your, Botox is, in my opinion, easy. You come in, and Dr. Mosharrafa does what he does. I do full face Botox so I have three areas, meaning my forehead in between my eyebrows, and then also in through here. And no, it takes about 10 minutes and really, there’s no pain associated with it. It’s just like a little pin prick when the needle goes in. But, once you’re done, you’re done, and I’ve had virtually no recovery time from Botox at all. When I tell people I’m 46, they don’t believe I’m 46 years old. So, I think the combination of genetics, which plays somewhat of a role I think. I mean, I know I’m never going to look 23 again, and I don’t want to look 23 again, but I want to age appropriately. I have two young children. I have a 9 and an 11 year old and, you know, they keep me young, and why shouldn’t I look young, too? And so, that’s why I do this. So, my results, I’m thrilled with. You know, I couldn’t be happier. What Dr. Mosharrafa has built is a cohesive staff that works well together, that treats the patients well, nothing was ever a bother. So, I believe that Dr. Mosharrafa’s office staff is just an extension of who he is, and in all the years that I’ve been coming to Dr. Mosharrafa, I’ve only seen that grow. And, I think that that is just one of the big benefits of being a patient.

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