If you’ve been working hard to lose fat in areas like the thighs, it’s common to be frustrated when even your best efforts don’t work. If you’ve lost significant weight, it can be even more frustrating when you’re left with loose skin that doesn’t respond. One of the best ways to reshape the thighs and lower body is through a thigh lift, and your plastic surgeon can help. Here’s what to know about this option and what to expect.

What Is A Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift surgery (also sometimes called thighplasty) can remove excess skin and fat from the inner and outer thighs. It’s sometimes combined with liposuction on the lower body for a more sculpted and refined look to the legs. It’s commonly a part of body sculpting after weight loss since many people lose substantial fat in their thighs when they lose significant weight, leaving behind lax skin.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you’re healthy and at a stable weight, but simply have disproportionate fat or sagging skin in your inner or outer thighs, you may be a great candidate for this procedure. As with any surgery, it’s important to be in good overall health and have no medical conditions that could affect the safety of your surgery. Dr. Ali or Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa will discuss your best options for body contouring during your consultation.

What Corrections Can Be Made?

Although it’s called a thigh lift, this surgery can improve the appearance of the upper legs, and buttocks. Typically, these areas have sagging, loose skin that can be tightened by addressing both the inner and outer thighs. However, some people benefit from surgery that addresses only the inner or outer thighs.

What’s the Difference Between Inner and Outer Thigh Lift?

Outer Thigh Lift

During an outer thigh lift, an incision is made from the groin to the hip. Some methods allow for more discreet incisions that can be hidden even by limited clothing such as bathing suits. This type can be more extensive but is best for excess skin on the outside of the thigh and buttocks.

Inner Thigh Lift

This incision begins in the groin area and wraps around the back of your thigh. The same inner thigh lift procedure can be done beginning in the groin to remove excess skin and continuing and into the inseam of your leg. This is a less extensive option and is best for excess fat in the inner thighs.

Thigh Lift Recovery

Be sure to consult with your plastic surgeon so they can monitor your recovery. Typically, it’s recommended that light to moderate activity can begin roughly two weeks after the surgery. You’ll return for follow-up appointments and these are a great time to ask any questions you have about your recovery process. In general, you can expect to take a few days to a week away from work while you rest and recover. You’ll be given medications to manage your discomfort and swelling, as well as for instructions on how much to take and when.

Schedule Your Consultation

The best way to learn more about your options with a thigh lift is by meeting with our board-certified plastic surgeons. To get started, we invite you to contact our Phoenix office by calling or filling out our online form.

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