If you have worked hard to lose substantial weight, it can be frustrating to be left with skin that is saggy or baggy skin around the thighs. You can also develop the same characteristics from genetics, the normal aging process, pregnancy, or gravity as well. In this case, a thigh lift is one of the best body contouring options available. A thigh lift reshapes the thighs by removing excess skin and fat to give you a more toned, fit appearance.

Why Choose a Thigh Lift?

The benefits of a thigh lift include tighter, smoother skin and better body contours, especially following substantial weight loss. Many patients who opt for a thigh lift have reached their body goals only to be frustrated with excess skin that does not respond to diet and exercise. Additionally, many patients opt for a thigh lift as part of a mommy makeover. For effective lower body rejuvenation, a thigh lift can often be paired with a belt lipectomy.

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Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery has been providing a comprehensive range of plastic surgery services to men and women in the Phoenix area since 1996. Dr. Ali Mosharrafa and Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa were born in the Twin Cities, completed their training in Texas, and have been practicing in the Phoenix area ever since.

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Am I a Candidate?

Ideal candidates for thigh lift procedures have loose, excess skin on the thighs but are not obese. Most often, thigh lifts are performed after substantial weight loss.

Thigh lift candidates should also:

  • Be near their target weight
  • Be in good overall health
  • Not have medical conditions that impair healing
  • Have support for their recovery period

If you struggle with thighs that do not respond to diet and exercise, a surgical thigh lift may help you achieve the contours and lower body profile you have been working towards.

My whole experience was wonderful. Everyone was very accommodating and kind. – A.W.

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Your Customized Thigh Lift Procedure

Thigh lift surgery improves the appearance of the thighs by:

  • Removing excess skin and fat from the inner thighs
  • Tightening the skin

This results in smoother skin that produces visible contours on the thighs. Liposuction on the surrounding areas like the hips or abdomen can help improve the overall contours of the thighs. There are generally two types of techniques that can be used for a thigh lift, and your plastic surgeon will determine the right one for you during a consultation.

Real Patient Results

Outer Thigh Lift

This incision type runs from the groin, around the hip, and along the buttock crease. This allows your plastic surgeon to smooth the skin of the outer thigh, and the excess skin and fat are removed at the hip level so scars can be hidden under a bikini or underwear.

Inner Thigh Lift

The inner thigh lift uses a much smaller incision placed within the crease of the thigh and groin and around to underneath the buttocks in order to address sagging in the inner thigh. For the inner thigh lift, the scars are concealed under a boy short swimsuit design.

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Thigh Lift Recovery

During the first week of recovery, you can greatly help the process by resting and avoiding heavy activity. Elastic compression garments should be worn for several weeks to support the tissues as they heal. After two weeks, you can generally return to non-strenuous activities and may be able to go back to work. You can gradually increase your activities under your plastic surgeon’s supervision, adding in driving and low-impact exercise at approximately four weeks. It may take up to six weeks to fully resume your normal activities. Your final results will gradually emerge in the months after your procedure as swelling continues to go down and your contours refine.

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The best way to learn more about the thigh lift and how you can benefit is through a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir. To schedule a consultation, contact our Phoenix office by calling or filling out our online form.

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