When it comes to beauty and attractiveness, a balanced profile is a subtle-but-important factor. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that their chin is enough to match their other features. Chin augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that changes the appearance of chin, either by making it bigger or longer in relation to the nose. Chin augmentation can give balance to the face and is often desired by those who have a weak or receding chin, which can make the nose look bigger or can give an unbalanced look to the face.

Why Choose Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is an extremely beneficial procedure for patients with a chin that does not match their other features because it is weak or under-projecting. A balanced chin can give harmony and form to the rest of the face, but a weak chin can cause the face to look disproportional and heavier than the rest of the body. For many patients, a chin augmentation paired with rhinoplasty can produce transformative results and making the face look proportioned and attractive.

Am I a Candidate?

Patients with under-projecting or weak chins make good candidates for chin augmentation. However, an underbite or jaw misalignment causing a weak chin cannot be corrected with this procedure. It is important that you be in good overall health and be able to undergo surgery if you are considering chin augmentation. During a consultation with Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir, you will discuss your ideal outcomes and goals for this procedure, as well as your medical history and lifestyle habits which might affect your health. This means any medications, supplements, or vitamins, as well as alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.

Your Customized Chin Augmentation Procedure

During chin augmentation, the shape of the chin will be changed either by an implant or shaving down bones of the face in the chin area. In addition, some procedures can complement your results and be performed within the same surgical procedure.


If you also have excess fat underneath the chin that causes a loss of definition in your jaw, then liposuction can be used to help refine and contour your results. This requires a tiny incision through which fat can be broken out and removed using a surgical cannula. Liposuction cannot correct excess sagging skin, however, which might require a neck lift procedure.


Interestingly, many patients who are candidates for chin augmentation with an implant initially see our plastic surgeons for rhinoplasty. There is an aesthetic balance between the chin and the nose, particularly on profile view. Adding projection to a recessed chin can beautifully complement reshaping of the nose in both men and women.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

During your consultation with your plastic surgeon, you will discuss your recovery steps at length. Your recovery can depend on factors like any additional procedures and whether you opt for implants. In general, you can expect to take at least one week of time away from work and social engagements. You will be prescribed medications to manage pain and discomfort, which you should take according to your plastic surgeon’s instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Tamir and Dr. Ali are both certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and are dedicated to the safety and comfort of their patients. At Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery, our medical team makes sure that they get to know you and fully understand your expectations. We understand that you trust us as surgeons, and will do everything we can to guarantee your experience is the best possible. To begin discussing your options for chin augmentation during a consultation at our Phoenix office, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.