Many women are interested in getting a tummy tuck after having a baby, in order to feel good about their body again after all the changes that pregnancy can wreak. However, you may be wondering what the appropriate time frame is. Is it possible to have a tummy tuck just a few months after the birth of your child? Should you wait a year or more? What if you want to have another child in the future?

Here is what you should know about how long to wait before having a tummy tuck after pregnancy.

Wait Until After You’re Done Having Children

Pregnancy stretches the abdominal muscles and causes weight gain, so if you have a tummy tuck and then have another child, your results will disappear and you will most likely need a revision or another full tummy tuck. We recommend waiting until you’ve had all the children you plan to before undergoing a tummy tuck.

An exception is if you’re undecided about having more children. If you really want to have a tummy tuck and are pretty sure you’re not going to have more kids but haven’t ruled out the possibility entirely, you may want to just go ahead and have the procedure done. This is a personal decision by you, as long as you realize that if you do have another child you will likely lose the results from your tummy tuck.

Wait At Least 6 Months, Preferably A Year

There are a number of reasons for waiting to have a tummy tuck after childbirth:

  • Taking care of a newborn is hard work, and you will not be able to manage it well if you’re recovering from a tummy tuck
  • You cannot breastfeed while on painkillers or after having had anesthesia
  • Breastfeeding causes hormonal changes that may interfere with your tummy tuck results
  • You’ll get better results from a tummy tuck if you wait until you lose as much of your pregnancy fat as possible
  • It takes at least six months for your body to “bounce back” from pregnancy and be able to benefit from a tummy tuck

We understand wanting to get back to your pre-pregnancy body as soon as possible, but it takes time to naturally lose your baby weight and for your hormones to settle down. Plus, you won’t be able to breastfeed or even spend quality time with your newborn if you have a tummy tuck too soon. A tummy tuck requires a lengthy recovery time, during which you won’t be able to lift your baby, breastfeed it, or take care of it properly.

Tummy tuck results are best when the patient is at or near their goal weight, and it can take a while to achieve this. Once you have reached a plateau in your weight loss efforts and your weight has stabilized, even if you haven’t quite reached your goal yet, we can discuss a tummy tuck.

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