What is a Facelift?

You might find yourself wondering, “what exactly is a facelift?” A facelift is an operation to reposition deep soft tissues of the face to restore a more youthful facial shape with fuller cheeks and a youthful jawline. Also a component of a surgical facelift is a re-draping of the skin to reveal the new youthful contour, reduce skin laxity and improve wrinkles. Experienced plastic surgeons perform facelifts by lifting skin on either side of their patient’s face, contouring their skin to their face.

This procedure decreases the appearance of wrinkles and sagging that occurs naturally over time, restoring a patient’s face to a more youthful appearance. A facelift is a great option for those looking to tighten up any excess or sagging skin that has developed over the years. Just a simple reduction of these things can help patients feel years younger, boosting one’s confidence and overall attitude towards life.

During a facelift procedure, surgeons will need to make several incisions in order to lift the patient’s skin into place. Surgeons may also tighten skin tissue during this procedure in order to ensure the patient receives the full benefit of the facelift procedure.

May patients may opt to undergo a necklift surgery while undergoing a facelift, as these two surgeries go hand in hand, can be performed at the same time, and have a similar rejuvenating effect for the patient.

Surgeons may also opt to perform facelifts utilizing lasers or endoscopy in order to avoid patients having to undergo incisions as part of their facelift process. Be sure to talk to a trusted surgeon such as the surgeons of Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery in order to learn of all the best options available to you when considering receiving a facelift.

How Long Does it Take to Recover After a Facelift?

Patients can expect to care for their skin post-surgery for up to three weeks, and may expect to return to their doctor for follow up visits over the next two months.

Oftentimes, surgeons will request patients return the day following their surgery in order to perform some necessary post-operation steps. These include the removal of a surgical drainage tube and application of ointment for the patient’s inciscions.

Patients will likely need to wear bandages for several days after a facelift due to the incisions necessary for the procedure. Similarly, it will likely take about a week before your surgeon will recommend removing your stitches post-surgery.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Face After a Facelift

After undergoing your facelift procedure, taking care of your sensitive skin is key to making a full and fast recovery.

Patients must be sure to religiously cleanse and moisturize their skin, as it can make the difference between an infection and healing healthily. Be sure to ask your surgeon for proper skincare tips post-surgery and ensure you follow them closely.

In order to avoid any bruising post-surgery, as your skin is very delicate, your surgeon will likely recommend you keep your head elevated. This will minimize any chances you may have of causing harm to your sensitive skin and prolonging your recovery.

Additionally, following general skincare recommendations is more important post-surgery than ever. Things you should normally be doing, such as ensuring your remain hydrated and keeping your skin from overexposure to the sun, should be taken more seriously than ever when attempting to properly recover after your facelift procedure.

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In order to prevent any permanent scarring after undergoing a facelift, it is important to enlist the advice of a qualified surgeon. Be sure to consult a knowledgeable esthetician from the beginning. Preparing for and recovering from a facelift are in many ways just as important as the surgery itself.

Trusted surgeons will ensure that you receive the treatment you need from start to finish. Surgeons such as those of Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery will ensure you are left with a youthful and healthy appearance after your facelift procedure. To learn more about your facelift options, set up a consultation with Dr. Ali Mosharrafa or Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa of Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery today!

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