Tips For Breast Cancer Prevention

Tips For Breast Cancer Prevention

October 22, 2014


Women who lead extremely healthy lives and women who engage in unhealthy habits have both fallen victim to breast cancer. However, even without a definitive set of preventative measures against breast cancer, there are some tips that will make you healthier in general and may help prevent breast cancer. Reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption, incorporating iodine and vitamin D into your diet, and avoiding toxins are all great steps to take to prevent breast cancer.

During the month of October, Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa and Dr. Ali Mosharrafa at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, Arizona support the fight against breast cancer, but also aim to bring awareness about breast reconstruction surgery. Many women are not aware of their breast reconstruction options, and at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery, the doctors and medical team want to help women feel the best they possibly can after fighting and winning against breast cancer.

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