Breast reconstruction techniques have evolved considerably over the decades. These advancements have led to many more options that lend to achieving a natural looking appearance. Often times, a patient’s own tissue can be used to reconstruct the breast following a mastectomy. There are several methods of breast reconstruction, and individual factors should be considered when choosing which is appropriate for each patient.

One type of procedure uses the latissimus dorsi, a flat broad muscle on the back, as donor tissue. The tissue remains attached to its original blood supply and is tunneled underneath the skin and placed at the breast reconstruction site. This flap is usually used to recruit soft-tissue coverage over an underlying tissue expanding implant. This procedure can be performed without any loss of function to the donor site.

Another method, TRAM flap, uses abdominal tissue and a portion of the muscle between the umbilicus and the pubis, and moves it to the breast. While the procedure is not a tummy tuck, it may improve the appearance of the lower abdomen. Other flap procedures may be performed by using tissue from other parts of a patient’s body, such as buttocks or thigh.

Each of these examples carry their own benefits and risks. Understanding differences and discussing your options will help you feel more secure as you make an informed decision about the kind of breast reconstruction that will be best for you. Make an appointment with Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery today to talk about your best options.

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