Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure, and the results can be customized to each women’s desired look. Another factor that should be taken into consideration when customizing the implants used for your augmentation is body type. The same implant can look different on different body types, so it is important to understand all your implant options and how they will look with your body.

Why Does Body Type Matter?

When preparing for breast augmentation with implants, considering your body type is important to give you proportionate, natural-looking results. If you are petite, moderate-sized implants may create the desired fullness you were hoping for but other women may only see a small enhancement from the same-sized implant.

Types of Breast Implants

There are two types of breast implants you can receive: saline and silicone. The natural size of your breasts, desired results, body shape and type are all taken into account when determining the right implants for you. Dr. Mosharrafa will help you determine this at your consultation.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are made with medical-grade silicone that creates a natural look and feel. A popular type of silicone implant is the gummy bear implant because it is a structured implant that will maintain its shape even if there is a leak. These implants often have more fullness at the base and a tapered top.

Saline Implants

Saline implants are sometimes preferred by women because the saline can be safely reabsorbed into the body in the case of an implant rupture. Saline implants are rounder in shape and also create a natural appearance, especially for patients with naturally thick breast tissue.

Different Breast Implant Shapes

The shape of the implant you desire is the second factor for determining which type of implant is the best for you.


Round implants create more fullness and a rounded breast shape. They are available in a variety of projections with the option for more fullness on the bottom or top of the breast. Round implants create more projection since they stick out further from the body. They are often placed under the muscle to give the breasts a more natural look.


Teardrop-shaped implants mimic the natural slope of the breast and create a natural contour. Since they create fullness in the lower part of the breast, they often look more natural in slim patients with minimal breast tissue. They are also the better option for women who have breast deformities. Unlike round implants, teardrop implants have a textured surface that can create a distorted breast shape if the implant shifts.

How Big Should My Breast Implants Be?

It’s important to remember that bigger is not always better, especially if you are thin or have a slim frame. If implants are too large, the muscle can stretch and thin, wrinkles and rippling can develop on the breasts, and the bottom of the implant could fall out of the breast pocket. When choosing your breast implants, keep in mind that every 150-200 CCs will add about 1-1.5 cup sizes to your breasts. You can “try on” different-sized implants while wearing a bra to get a feel of what each size might look like on you and your specific body type.

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Drs. Ali and Tamir Mosharrafa are board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience performing breast augmentation. They will discuss your cosmetic goals with you and can give you a recommendation for the right implant for your body type. Schedule a consultation today at our office in Phoenix, AZ, to learn more.

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