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What is a labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to remove excess tissue from the labia minora. This procedure not only improves the appearance of a woman’s genitalia and improves hygiene, but it also enhances sexual experience.

Is a labiaplasty painful?

Like any surgery, there is mild incisional pain with this procedure. This typically lasts only a couple of days.

How long must I wait to have intercourse after a labiaplasty?

We recommend waiting 4 weeks after a labiaplasty before having vaginal intercourse to allow for proper healing.

Will this procedure have a negative effect on my ability to have an orgasm?

No. In fact, many women will report less discomfort with intercourse and an overall improved sexual experience following a labiaplasty.  When done expertly, this procedure will not reduce a woman’s ability to achieve an orgasm.

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