Neck Lift

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Nearby Areas of Arizona

What does a neck lift do?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure to rejuvenate the neck by addressing three soft tissue changes that contribute to aging of the neck: laxity of the platysma muscle, excess subcutaneous fat and loose skin. Each of these changes can be corrected by the procedure. The platysma muscle is tightened with internal sutures and can be modified by cutting to restore a youthful contour to the deep layer. This gives more longevity to the operation than if the skin alone were tightened. Excess fat can be removed directly or with liposuction. Loose skin is then redraped to restore a smooth contour and a youthful angle to the neck, eliminating the so called “turkey neck.”

How is a neck lift different from a facelift?

A neck lift addresses the contour of the neck up to the jaw line. A facelift addresses these areas as well, but also rejuvenates the midface including the cheeks, nasolabial folds and jowls. Therefore, in men and women who show a disproportionate amount of aging in the neck, but have a more youthful appearing midface, a neck lift may be a preferred option.

Where are the scars from a neck lift?

Scarring from a neck lift is well concealed behind the ears. In some circumstances, a short incision below the chin may also be necessary.

What is surgery and recovery like for a neck lift?

Drs. Mosharrafa perform neck lifts in their fully accredited Mosharrafa Outpatient Surgery Center. The procedure lasts about an hour and is done under general anesthesia. Patients go home the same day with a comfortable bandage, that stays on for 2 days. Bruising and swelling typically last about one week.

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