An exciting aspect of breast augmentation is being able to shop for new bras afterward. However, it will be some time before you can go out and replace all your bras. Breast implants take what bra to wear after breast augmentation some time to settle fully into position, and you won’t see your final size and shape until all the swelling goes down, which could take up to 3 months.

Our experienced plastic surgeons will provide you individual guidelines for what type of bra to wear, if any, after your breast augmentation surgery. We do have some general advice that applies to most patients, though.

Don’t Wear A Bra for 30 Days

If you have had breast augmentation with a smooth, round implant, Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir recommend not wearing bra at all for 30 days following surgery. This allows the implant to settle properly into the pocket, without any potential interference to the final shape by a bra.

If you opted for a textured “gummy bear” implant, Dr. Tamir recommends wearing a sports bra night and day for approximately 6 weeks following surgery. He can recommend a brand if needed, but in general, it should:

  • Be snug but not too tight
  • Have a front closure
  • Have wide straps at the shoulders and under the cups

The goal is to compress and support your new breasts. If your sports bra is painful or uncomfortable, it may be too tight. A front closure is also vital for your comfort, and wide straps help with both comfort and support.

After your surgeon gives you the go-ahead to switch out of the sports bra, you can move to comfortable regular bras. Make sure to buy bras with no underwire, as an underwire may irritate your scars.

Don’t Splurge On Expensive Bras Until After 3 Months

It may be tempting to go out and replace your bra collection with new, fancy, expensive bras. However, you should refrain from investing in expensive bras until all of your swelling has gone down and your breast size is finalized.

The best type of bra to buy after your 30 days of going braless (or 6 weeks of sports bra wearing) is up is an inexpensive, comfortable bra with no underwire, full cups, and a front closure for comfort. You may need to buy a few bras in different sizes to accommodate changes due to swelling.

After it seems like most of the swelling has dissipated, which usually happens around month 3, we recommend making an appointment for a professional bra sizing to find the best bra size for your new breasts. Then, you can buy as many new bras as you want to fill up your lingerie drawer.

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