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I wanted to turn back the clock a little bit and have everything refreshed, have it lifted, and just look younger. Everything was starting to fall and soften and wrinkle, and lose a lot of elasticity, and with the surgery, everything was put back in place. Physically and personally, there were — especially on my eyes, I’ve always had a hooded lid and a lot of puffiness below my eye, and that was a big draw for me to have that removed. It was wonderful, the outcome of that. Emotionally, when I look in the mirror now I look 10 years younger than I did, and I’m just very, very happy, very pleased with the work. Professionally, he’s very warm and very genuine, and to use an old cliche, he has a wonderful bedside manner. He makes you feel so comfortable. And again, like I said, when I interviewed him, he was very thorough telling me about what he does, what to expect in the outcome of the surgery, and the fact that his work is very natural and not extreme, and that’s really what I was wanting. I’m very pleased with the gentleness, and the way it turned out. His follow-up with me, before I had my surgery and after I had my surgery, anytime that I had a question — I’d call and he responded very quickly if he wasn’t available that day, so that was very good. The staff is wonderful. They’re very genuine, and the first time that I ever met them, I went to the other center that they have and was greeted wonderfully, and then when I left I felt like I’d known them for a very long time. And again, very responsive whenever I would call and have any questions, they were more than happy to answer them. I got up and my arrival was very early. I was nervous. There was a bit of a nervous anticipation, but I was excited. And, when we arrived there, it was very quiet. I was called in to the room where you changed, and my husband was with me — he went in with me. And again, the entire staff there, they were very warm, wonderful, comforting, and reassuring. It just felt real safe. The doctor came in, the nurse that was going to be taking care of me, and explained what was going to happen that morning, and when I went into the operating room, clear up to the very moment that I went under, the last thing I remember was the nurse saying to me while holding my hand, saying, “Just think, in a few hours you’re going to wake up and your beautiful face is going to be more beautiful.” I remember after having the surgery, going into the recovery center and being very drowsy, and I don’t remember ever experiencing any severe pain because they monitor that. Again, my recuperation went very well. I kept my pain level at a very minimum with medication, and so, I didn’t allow it to get the better of me, and then tapered off after a while. I never really experienced severe pain. After I went home — my surgery was on a Friday and I went home on a Saturday — and by Sunday I was able to take the bandages off at home and shower gently. I shower each day so it was within a 24 hour period that I was able to do that. A fair bit of numbness right afterwards, and then the feeling starts coming back when the nerves are reattached, and one side was better than the other; it was probably four weeks, I would say, when things really started feeling a bit more normal, more comfortable to where I felt okay laying on each side in bed. I do have scarring, but to look at me from the front you cant see it, and if I were to move my hair to the side you can’t see it. I would have to show you. In some instances around my ear you could not see it even if I pointed to it. The work is done so perfectly that it’s undetectable. And then, the other areas in the hair — and that’s sort of thing you can’t see anyway, because hair is covering it, but it’s not detectable. I am very, very happy with the results of my facelift. I wish I would have done it a couple years earlier. But very, very pleased, and would not hesitate to have it done again.

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A breast cancer diagnosis is overwhelming in so many ways. There are a lot of emotions. Dr. Ali Mosharrafa and his entire staff put me at ease at every step. After surgery, I was very self conscious, and the way I was treated with each visit helped me as much as the excellent medical care. Whether it is for an elective procedure or a surgery due to illness, I cannot endorse Dr. Ali more as a physician and human. 

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