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I’m Doctor Ali Mosharrafa at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery. One of the most common procedures performed is the Mommy Makeover. This is a procedure or group of procedures that are done to help turn back time after a woman has given birth and has completed her family.

The areas that we typically address are the breast, the abdomen, the waistline, the hips and thighs. And these are typically treated with some combination of a breast augmentation to restore volume, a breast lift to reshape the breast and make it youthful again, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty to tighten the abdominal wall, remove the excess skin and fatty tissue of the lower abdomen, and then finally, to contour the hips and thighs with liposuction to give back that youthful shape that was there before pregnancy.

If you have questions about the Mommy Makeover or any other surgical procedures, please feel free to call Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery at (602) 513-8133 or visit our website at

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The professionalism by all the staff I had contact with including the reception area staff was excellent. Everything went well and on time!

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